Welcome back to another great article where we are going to share the Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC. We can see that many people are liking our series on vegan restaurants “Best Vegan Restaurants” in which we are making the top list of best vegan restaurants present in that city.

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New York City or also known as NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world. The City is full of high rise building and some awesome peoples. There is also one thing more, NYC is always awake. Every people in the city is in the race with time to prove themselves and in this busy schedule, it is very hard to get some time for finding the Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC.

We know the pain of being busy and not have enough time to explore the life but you don’t need to worry about that. Here at VeganHook, we try our best to bring some of the best vegan content for you and today following the same passion, we have corrugated the complete list of the Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC where you can go and enjoy some great meal with your friends and family.

Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

1. Gotham Bar & Grill

Don’t go by the name, Gotham Bar & Grill is one of the Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City. Every detail in this restaurant is elegant with many Art Deco touches and the service impeccable.

Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

The highlight of Gotham Bar $ Grill is their incredibly light and luscious chocolate cake. The atmosphere around the Resturant is busy and bustling but was not too noisy and it was easy to have a conversation at the table without the noise of the busy restaurant interfering.

The menu is arranged in 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses but essentially 1st and 2nd are appetizers and 3rd are mains. The Gotham Bar and Grill Restaurant is quite expensive but worthy indulgence.

Address: 12 E 12th St, Between Fifth Avenue & University Place, New York City
Official Website: Gotham Bar & Grill

2. Indian Accent

We all know that India is Full of Vegan Food and If a Restaurant is selling some Indian Vegan food then we can expect it to be the great meal. Being a vegetarian I still had good choices while having authentic spices food but when it comes to Vegan specific food, there are fewer options to go out and eat.

best vegan restaurants in NYC

But If you are in Indian Accent Vegan Restaurant then you need to worry about this problem. Indian Accent Vegan Restaurant has some of the best options for Vegan meal which you can enjoy and that too at an affordable price.

best vegan restaurants in NYC

We all know the fact that Indian food and fine dining don’t usually go together. But this is not the case with this restaurant. The service was professional and the staff were knowledgeable. The wine list was excellent considering the flavour match challenges. And the desserts were a standout – not usually the case at an Indian restaurant!

You can definitely count this restaurant in your list of best vegan restaurants in NYC.

Address: 123 W 56th St, New York City, NY 10019-3802
Official Website: Indian Accent Vegan Restaurant

3. Patsy’s Italian Restaurant

For Sure one of the best vegan restaurants in new york city. This place has awesome decor and also exudes character, history ( check out the photos in the bar of famous visitors ) and ambiance, but the star is the food.

best vegan restaurants in NYC

Proper Italian and Vegan food, made correctly and full of expertise and flavour……..nothing else needed. They serve the quality food which you are definitely going to enjoy. The Staff was so nice and of the highest standard. they will also great you with the smile which actually can make your day. The Family owners who own this restaurant should be very proud.

Address: 236 W 56th St, New York City, NY 10019-4306
Official Website: Patsy’s Italian Restaurant

4. Del Posto

One of the best vegan restaurants in NYC and definitely a place to go when celebrating an anniversary or special birthday with your friends and family.

It was a cozy experience for sure, but slightly odd as we could not look at each other easily, and to go to the restroom required getting the attention of someone to pull out the table.

Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

Dinner served was fine, and quite expensive but after all, it was worth it.  They also offer there famous 5-course meal which was one of their best hit.

Great location but as I sai the food was expensive. Other than that, Outstanding seems to be the perfect term to fit this restaurant. From the service to the food, there is not one thing left out.

Food is prepared exceptionally well and is served the same way. Each course has its own characteristics and tastes. Some were complex but most were very simply made but still left our group trying to figure out the ingredients and tastes. Wine pairing is superb.

Address: 85 Tenth Ave, New York City, NY 10011-4725, +1 212-497-8090
Official Website: Del Posto Vegan Restaurant

5. Pizzarte

Another Italian Restaurant in NYC serving some of the best vegan meal out there. If you are looking for Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options, then this is the place for you in NYC.

Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

Tiny place that could be hard to find. Visiting NYC you, of course, have to try authentic NYC pizza. And this place does not disappoint!

As we all know, It is not an easy task to find the gluten-free restaurant in America but this place was our favorites. Authentic Neapolitan style pizza, light wood fired with delicious toppings though Margherita is a standout. Best of all they have safe, delicious gluten-free pizza.

Address: 69 W 55th St, New York City, NY 10019-4934, +1 212-247-3936
Official Website: Pizzarte

So, This is the most updated list of all the best vegan restaurants in NYC. If you know some other good vegan restaurant places in NYC then do mentions in comments.

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